Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hi Shahbaz, ( I wouldn't write "Dear Shahbaz" anymore because that is what I use officially :P ) :D...

It's very sad to hear that you are leaving us (I should say me ). Here's a memoir of our beautiful journey till now and wish it continues like this ...

 The journey began when we met for the first time on 12 April 2010, when I was selected to join your team and told to meet you next morning. While leaving for the day in the evening I asked you at what time I need to report next day, you said 9:30am Sharp....

That was the first interaction between us, and it has continued till date ( I wish it goes on and on forever :D).

Next morning, you assigned me a PC and  introduced me to two guys, Shwetabh and Alok, saying "You will be working with them".

Shwetabh was already on a leaving trail by then and Alok turned out to be my Best Friend later on...

However, after working for couple of days in your team, you came to my desk in your usual brisk walking style and introduced me to other two guys, Ajay and Vibhu...

At that moment, I didn't have an iota of idea about what was happening, and it took me couple of more days to realize that my team had been changed and wasn't going to work under you.

I will always hate you for doing that :P :D !!! ( Later on I realized this was actually a Boon for me :), reasons explained in the next few lines )

Those were initial days, for what was to come later on, was a Thrilling Experience.

The things which I learnt from you are invaluable.

I used to take tension about timelines, which you never gave and let me take. You always had a calming influence on me and told valuable things that had a soothing effect in testing times. Otherwise I would have been devoid of any hairs on my head at that time. :D

Stock Details and it's various versions, Cash Reconciliation, Collection , were the thorns in our flesh which we removed collectively.

But our Girlfriend Ms. Match, always chased us somehow and caught us unawares, still we fought and brought her down umpteen number of times, thus defeating her hands down. ;)

On top of all this, we had Delivery, which always did a nasty dance in front of the Customer and we had to deliver on Saturdays, Sundays and sometimes even on a National Holidays. I remember you always asking me "Shall I come to office, if you need help", on holidays. I didn't actually wanted you to come to office on weekends, but I actually needed such inspiring words in tough times. But inspite of that you made sure, you were logged onto Sametime till the time I was in office. Your commitment to work is awe inspiring for me.

I remember when we had to correct Doctor Incentive Report, you were awake for me till 4 O Clock in the morning, and were there at 10 O Clock next day to help me, which speaks volumes about your team spirit and care about your team members.

In spite of me and Alok, not being in your team, you always took care that we are not missed out in any Event, Function or Celebrations. I don't think somebody would do that for us in the future and we do not expect it now from anybody else since now that you have given us so much to us. I was at Nagpur facing a tragedy and expressed my desire to come to the Big Launch at Mumbai... Everyone had said it wasn't possible now, since the teams are decided. You did not hesitate to say " Even if you come at the last minute, I will take you in". This could not have been done by somebody else, but YOU.

We also had our share of happy moments, the Shangrila Picnic, the Mumbai Marathon, Rahul's Marriage and the wonderful journeys together... I skipped the Half Marathon to have a Dream Run with you :D. The valuable inputs given by you whenever we struck a conversation are still imbibed deeply in me.

The rapport which we have built, I guess wouldn't have been there, if I would have been in your team. That's why it was a Boon, NOT being in your team.

As they say, 26 alphabets are not enough to express feelings, there's so much to say, but I am falling short of words to write at the moment.

As a person, I would always remember you as a Good Person, a person who liked to take things to the next level and actually took them, a Go Getter. No wonder you are "The King Khan".

I would miss the Fast Walking Guy on the floor, who got and did whatever was to be done, whenever he wanted. We have done so many things taking refuge of your name at the office :P. We also did some secret things in the office, which very people know. It's a secret between you and me ;) ...

No one cannot forget the first things in life, I am proud to say you are my First Boss, and it is very difficult to forget the first things in life. Hence, I would inculcate all the great qualities you possessed.

Wishing you Best of Luck for your Professional as well as Personal Life,
Your Team Member, Admirer, and dare I say Friend,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beauty !!!

Bright Red Sun rising up through the mountains in the morning, the Aroma of Earth after a Drizzle, Rainfall in the afternoon..... What do they make you feel ? Wow !!! Beautiful !!! These are the first few words that come to your mind.

Now how about this, waking up in the morning, looking out of the window and seeing the Cute/ Handsome Girl/Guy next door first up, or rainy scene in a movie with the hero/heroine clad in white clothes, or Sachin Tendulkar playing his signature straight drive or dancing down the wicket to hit a Six.... Beautiful  ( I know you have many more words to describe the above) is the first word that would come out of your mouth.

Beauty !!! What is it ? Is it just something about looking good, soothing to the eyes, something attractive. Let's us introspect.

If you ask any person to describe Beauty , he/she would give a long philosophical answer, something like "It's all about Being Yourself". But what exactly Beauty is every person has a different perspective attached to it.

The perspectives for leading a Beautiful life are : -

1) Being Happy

2) Being Healthy

It doesn't matter how much money you have, you may boast of having the best Sports Bike in the world, the Best Car that has ever been made, but if your hands are not fit enough to hold the Bike handle, or the feet are not nimble enough to press the foot on the gas, you are the most pitiable person in the world because you have lost the Beauty enjoying things you have.

Another important aspect of Beauty which research has found out is that, Human Beings are naturally inclined to look at symmetrical things.

All of us in our natural instincts imagine things to be symmetrical, be it the pair of eyes, hands or legs, or anything which comes in pair ( ***No naughty thoughts Guys *** ). We are naturally born symmetric. But by making our body go through all the physical, emotional tortures we make it asymmetric in some way or the other.

So, certainly we can say real Beauty is about Being Happy, Being Healthy and to be just what you are !!!

As they say,

"Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder"

I have written this post for Yahoo! India and Dove "I Believe in Real Beauty" under the topic "What does real beauty mean to me?"
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Direct Tax Code !!!

It's time to rejoice for salaried ( also enterpreneurs , actually I meant taxpayers ) persons as the GOI (Government of India) has announced an exemption for every slab of income.

Here are the details: -

  • Tax for income between Rs. 2 lakh - Rs. 5 lakh: 10%
  • Tax for income between Rs. 5 lakh - Rs. 10 lakh: 20%
  • Tax for income over Rs. 10 lakh: 30%
The limit for exemptions for salaried people is Rs. 2 lakh, while that for senior citizens is Rs. 2.5 lakh.

Corporate tax has been kept at 30%.

The revised proposal has also made it clear that tax incentives on housing loans will continue. Payment on interest on housing loans up to Rs. 1.5 lakh will continue.

The new Code comes into effect from April, 2011.


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