Thursday, January 1, 2009

Getting Placed in TCS

Hello to all the juniors who wish to get placed in TCS.

To start with,getting placed in TCS is not that easy but it's not that tuff too.

Before I provide you all the do's and don'ts for the TCS placement I would like to elaborate on the TCS recruitment process.

Firstly, TCS conducts an Online Aptitude Test on a software developed by TCS. The test is easy and based on previous years questions only with the numbers altered.

Next, there is a Technical Interview and then the HR. MR ( Mind Reasoning) is also taken along with the HR interview in which they ask to solve puzzles. Not all the puzzles have the answers, they just check your approach to solve the problems.

Best part is that there is no GD in this process, so if you don't want to get rejected for the undue reasons of not speaking in the GD , give it U r best shot.

Coming to the preparation, you need to prepare the previous years papers by TCS available on various sites. (viz.

Prepare the chapters on Time and Distance, Time and Work, Trains, Boats and Streams from the book Quantitative Aptitude by R.S Agrawal.

Mug up the high frequency word list from the book GRE Barrons.

Solve all the comprehension passages from the book GRE Barrons.

For the interview, prepare atleast one computer language thoroughly like C, sql etc. Mention only the things U know in the CV ( resume).

Wishing you Best of Luck for getting placed in TCS. U will certainly Experience Certainity like me.



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