Sunday, July 20, 2008

So called Elections !!!

As the whole of India awaits the finalizing of the Nuclear Deal, the

political parties have begun, what they specialize in i.e POLITICS !!! lol !

The UPA government needs 272 seats to have the majority. Currently,

they have 262 seats comprising of Congress, RJD, SP and others.

The opposition.e. UNPA has 268 seats comprising of the BJP,

Communists, and the BSP.

It's a lifetime experience to know that there are no friends and foes

in politics only supporters who change with time.

While everybody is watching the politics in India played in the media.

There is another election going on in our Branch. lol

In which one of the candidates is yours truly Devashish.

Now I came to know from where these great politicians emerge on the

forefront. The elections had been declared a week ago and the kind of

politics that has been played is worth admiring. ( Me no Exception.


This has been a great experience for me, as it has helped identifying

me my supporters ( lol) and well wishers !

Thank you everybody for your support and the political experience

provided by the presidential candidate(s) ! lol


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