Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First Rain at Mumbai !!!

It's First June, First Day of the Month, First Rainy Season in Mumbai !!!

Finally Monsoon has struck Mumbai. And at what a time, I am sitting in my room, 1am Midnight !!! I was just fiddling away with my laptop, when suddenly I heard the ceiling of the Mall in front of my apartment make a splattering sound. Seemed like some construction work. I ignored it for a moment, but when I smelt that sweet Earthy scent which comes everytime the mud meets the water; I looked out of the window and Oh Hell Yeah, it was raining.

I wish the rain would have come on a weekend afternoon so that I would have got the chance of drenching myself again in the first rain. But nature has it's own ways, who would have thought that after a Sunny Afternoon, you will get a sweeter midnight....

There is rain, there is lightning, there is everything that could entertain me at this time but there is still a void of not being with the family which surrounds this beautiful eve on rainy midnight.

Anyways hope this rain continues to come all through the season, and bring down the Inflation with them.

Good Bye people . I am feeling sleepyyyy zzzzzzzzzzzz !!! Ohh yes Good Night ;) Take Care !!!

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