Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bharat Bandh and the Spirit of Mumbai !!!

July 05 2010, BHARAT BANDH alias Nationwide Strike against fuel price hike and inflation. Looking at the funny side of it, literally BHARAT BANDH means India Closed !!!

Ohh  was India really closed? Ask any Mango Man ( Aam Aadmi ) , he will say it WASN'T ! Whatever any political party does, it only adds to the woes of the so called common man. That common man who decides the fate of the so called VVIPs and political leaders in pursuit of pinnacle of the Indian Governance.

While there was BHARAT BANDH , many things turned ON ! The stopping of local trains , setting ablaze tyres, throwing stones at Best buses were the things that switched on. The only thing that reaches the spot before the police these days is, MEDIA , reached out to these spots and gave us updates. Ironically, they didn't get scratch from these incidents although BHARAT BANDH meant stopping of all services in India, MEDIA included.

Anyways, I went to the office today. The city which never sleeps , almost seemed to have calmed down today. There wasn't the everyday crowd which throngs onto the road, which makes Mumbai one of the busiest city in the world, but there were people seen patches walking the street walking to the bus stops under police surveilance.

Not many people turned in the office, the usual buzz on the floor wasn't there. I must tell you the thing which is constant in the office is WORK. Whatever the occasion or day, your company ensures you have your share of WORK. Left the office quite early, went to the gym and had dinner.

This is the most important part in todays post, after dinner I walked to the bus stop with my colleagues. It had already started raining heavily. After I got down from the bus, while crossing the signal to reach the home, suddenly, I heard a THUD and saw an old man tumbling and a bike skidding on the road. For a moment I thought the old man had fallen from the bike, but then I realized that the rash bike drivers had actually hit the old man who was trying to cross the road. It was a ghastly hit since the man bounced 3 times before bumping his head into the road divider. I rushed to the spot and stopped any vehicles that were coming towards the old man. I gave my umbrella to a small boy and started lifting the old man. Thankfully people were around, especially young ones, who helped me took the old man off the road. Moreover, by God's grace one police van was around, police also rushed to the spot and ordered for a stretcher from the van. They also took into custody the rash drivers and put them into the van. The boy whom I had given my umbrella actually turned out to be the old man's son. He was completely shocked and asking his dad to get up. Only to get silence in reply from his father as he was unconscious. May God help the injured man recover quickly from this accident.

Kudos to the spirit of Mumbai people who rushed to the spot immediately in spite of not knowing who the victim was or where he came from. However, this incident has taught me many things. Here are some of those : -

1) Life is too short so enjoy it to the fullest.
2) Stay in touch of your family and friends no matter where you are.
3) Forget about all the grudges.
4) No matter how a big problem is , it is too small to be worried  about as there are many more things in life that Matter.
5) Everything in this world can vanish withing a second.

Thanks , I hope you enjoy the later part of this post..

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