Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blunder Blunder Everywhere !!!

This wasn't supposed to be the topic of my 50th post. But this is how it goes.

Making a mistake is not common for human beings, but it hurts when we take it to the next level. The day started with me waking up late. Courtesy late night socializing on web 2.0. (Mistake rated * )

I get ready for the office, notice that the maid has not come today. I suddenly realised that it's Rakshabandhan and tomorrow she will come with her meekly voice and say that she deserved a holiday on the auspicious occasion of Rakshabandhan. Damn, it's only WE who do not deserve a holiday. (Mistake rated *)

Left for the office, notice that the lift has just gone down, and it would take it another 10 minutes to reach back to the 15th Floor. My mistake again, didn't press the elevator button on time. Somehow I reached the ground, start walking down the hill towards the bus stop.  To my amazement, the bus to the office has arrived just in time. I moved towards the bus but didn't realize 50 odd other people were moving with me towards the bus. I missed the bus, ( it seems a mistake , doesn't it ??? --> read on ) suddenly a girl who wasn't able to catch the bus got down and bumped into me. My left hand got hurt a bit, but the look that I got from the girl was she had been struck badly. With the kind of glare that was thrown at me, even a mirror would have cracked. ( Mistake rated ** ). I knew at that moment this is not my day. I reached the office and got a call, a courier guy has reached home and has a parcel in store for me. I complimented ( *#@*%$#*# ) him in my mind for the On Time Delivery ( Mistake rated *** ) . Another reason why things must not be delivered on time.

Rest of the time was spent in the office, you can imagine how it went considering the kick start I had for the day. Mother called up and inquired whether the Rakhi had reached me. I had to say yes, the courier did come, I wasn't there. :(        ( Mistake rated **** )

I returned home, everything seemed to be normal and just checking out the social media sites that I check everyday. Suddenly, I got a call from my colleague on my friends cell. My friend called me up and said it was for me, I took the phone hastily and started talking. She was asking "Did your friend cancel the train ticket, which I had booked from his account ? " ( WHOA !!! not able to gauge mistake or blunder ???   ). As all engineers, I responded " I will get back to you in 5 minutes" . Few days back I had booked a ticket from my friends account. My friend saw an unknown ticket booked from his railway account and had canceled it saying, " I should ensure that the person who has accidentally booked the ticket from my account gets back his money " . This was told my another roommate. I immediately called her back and told her that he had accidentally canceled the ticket. She said " Thank You, I will call you back". The ticket was for her parents who were going to another city today and they were unable to get their name in the reservation chart.

I called her back and she hasn't picked up her phone until now. Time to face the music tomorrow in the office. And Yeah , forgot to tell this was a  Mistake rated ***** . A BIG BLUNDER !!!

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ameet said...
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ameet said...

Ha ha.. my Sympathies, buddy! :D
BTW I liked your compliment *#@*%$#*# :D

ameet said...

and ya, congo on your 50th post! your blogs are nice to read.
gr8 going.....keep going :)

kumar said...

sir,please send your mobile number OR call on my cell no (08149805742) RRAVI KUMAR from priyadarshini polytechnic nt sir.

Malvika said...

Nice. Short sentences worked a lot to flash pictures in my mind. It was actually like a quick ad to watch.

But didn't like how it ended, you should have built it up further, like a bigger disaster... Mistake rated highest... trying to correct all mistakes in a day/ at one go... and how you end up more helpless.
Like a lesson in the end - Its ok to let a blunderous take over sometimes, may be you can just stand up and say 'bring all that you got'...
Don't know just a suggestion, 'cz i didn't like halting my read abruptly, wanted to read more.

Anonymous said...

He he funny. Who was the girl whose ticket ur friend cancelled??


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