Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Corporate Life !!!

In this series, I am going to tell you about the hilarious events that take place in the corporate world. Here's one of them.

Today I went to the HR for changing my appraiser and reviewer on the company portal. I gave the EMPLOYEE IDs of my appraiser and reviewer to the HR and asked him to change them as I had been moved to another project.

The HR took the IDs and started dialing the number and replied, " It says these numbers do not exist ". LOL.

I said in my mind ** how could they ?? they are the employee ids of my seniors ** . Later I told him that they were EMP IDs and you need to update them on the company portal.

After that a girl from the HR team came and interrupted us in the process. The HR ragged her by saying I am the new entrant in the HR team and asked her to contact me if she had any doubt in her work. On the top of that he called a number and asked me to talk to the concerned person for whom the girl had come. LOL.

Must say HRs ROCK and without the HRs the corporate life would have been monotonous and fun free !!!

That's all for today !!! See you after the office , errrrr they call it EOD here ! Will write on the "EOD" sometime, it's an interesting WORD in this WORLD.

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karan said...

i really like it its so nice it is very naice corporate world that u ever be4 this , enjoy it!!!


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