Sunday, August 8, 2010

Corporate Life - Chapter 1 "Drop in a Mail"

I am quite new to the so called Corporate World. You must be wondering why my post reads "Drop in a Mail". Well, MAIL is the only thing that gets things moving in this world. It's not all hunky dory out here, if you want to get something done you have to DROP A MAIL.. If you have to inform something you have to DROP A MAIL. There are even team leaders who ask the team members to DROP A MAIL so that they come to know when their teammates are in the office. LOL !!!

Gone are the days when work was done on a sheer request of words. Words don't matter any more. Actually there is very little space for words, only thing that matters is a MAIL which is DROPped into your mailbox to get things done.

So why am I writing such a thing in my blog, after all it is important for us to communicate and have something for our records to know what we had planned,said and executed. I agree, completely agree, but there are some things in the world that could be done through golden words spoken from our very own mouth. Ironically, there are some stubborn people who do not listen to your requests and just say "DROP IN A MAIL". LOL.



loga said...

Hey I could so well get into your shoes on this..

Have you ever got to reason why people ask to DROP IN A MAIL? In case something goes wrong with your request in future, They would have some SO CALLED PROOF to DEFEND themselves and put you in TROUBLE.

QA delaying the sign off to move the piece to production is a very common sight I guess. They probably delay it to escape being hit during UAT :P They are only delaying the INEVITABLE :D ;)

Nice post. This is my first time here.. Keep writing.


Sourav C. Pandey said...

This applies to everybody who have had his share of corporate life,it's a situation of been there and done that! :)

Superb write up! :)


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