Sunday, September 20, 2009

Harishchandrachi Factory !!!

Just for the record, the title of this post means "Harishchandra's Factory- The making". Raja Harishchandra (राजा हरिश्चंद्र), is a 1913 silent Indian film directed and produced by Dadasaheb Phalke, and is the first full-length Indian feature film. 

Raja Harischandra is a beacon of truth among all the illustrious and renowned kings of India. The Raja stood steadfast in his determination to do his duty in the face of severe obstacles, impediments and difficulties that would have deterred any ordinary mortal. 

You must be thinking what all this is doing on my blog. Enough of mystery and I now unveil the Good News,

Marathi film “Harishchandrachi Factory”, Mumbai-based theatre actor-director Paresh Mokashi’s debut movie, will be India’s official entry for the Oscars.

The movie is on the making of “Raja Harishchandra”, India’s first full length feature film made in 1913 by the pioneer of Indian cinema Dadasaheb Phalke.
Mokashi’s low-budget period film was completed in January. It has bagged a series of international awards and honours.

This is the second Marathi film after “Shwaas” to be nominated by India for an Oscar in five years. “Shwaas” was Sandeep Sawant’s directorial debut.

Jai Ho !!! Hope it wins the Oscars !!! :)

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