Sunday, September 6, 2009

Locality of Reference !!!

The heading may sound familiar to those who are from the IT sector, but I do not intend to write about this Computer Science concept all over again. It is interesting to note that most of the concepts of the Computer Science have evolved from the day to day life. Be it the Buddy System, pointers, and so on. Today I came across with the importance of the Locality of Reference which all computer geeks study in System Programming.

From past few days, the battery of my bike ( Hero Honda Splendor NxG) had been giving problems and I went to the servicing center of the bike. i.e Hero Honda. As all servicing centers who leave no stone unturned in order to extract as much money from your pocket, a mechanic came to me and said, "Bhaiya, battery change karna padega" ( Brother, the battery has to be changed ) . Tell you what these mechanics are so shrewd and at the same time very loyal to their owners. Having done some R & D on my bike previously, I knew the battery wire only needed to be soldered. So I asked him," Sirf solder hi toh karna hai" (Just solder the battery and it will be ok). Pat came the reply, " Agar battery mein ched ho gaya toh? " ( what if by mistake a hole is created in the battery due to soldering ) :). WHOAAA !!! What a reply ? As if I had not seen soldering in my life.

Scenario 2 :

I went to a local mechanic and asked him " Bhaiya, battery ka soldering karna hai" ( I have to solder the battery wire). The soft spoken mechanic replies, " Thik hai bhaiya, battery mere paas chod do, shaam ko lekar jaana" ( Ok, leave the battery with me and take it back in the evening).

Being an IT professional, I can only relate this to the concept of Locality of Reference !!! ;)

So the gist of the above experience is " No matter how fast the world changes we must not get carried away by the development of these plush malls, shopping centers, and big showrooms. " ,there are umpteen number of local vendors and local talent, which can at times surpass these sophisticated developments in the society.

No wonder they say " When in Rome, do as the Romans do". In India, we call it " JUGAAD TECHNOLOGY". Will certainly update about this technology in the upcoming blogs.


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