Monday, September 21, 2009

Josie's Story !!!

This is the new book on the block that has been making news.

In 2001, 18-month-old Josie King was taken to the nation's best hospital, Johns Hopkins, after she was severely scalded in the bathtub at home. A few weeks later, she was dead of complications from dehydration, due to a series of preventable medical errors.

Now the mother, Sorrel King, who still lives in Baltimore, has written her own account, "Josie's Story."

Josie initially approached Women and Work in order to improve her confidence and self esteem, as she had been out of work for some time and she was fairly new to Milton Keynes. Her learning needs were lack of confidence in communicating and interpersonal skills.
Josie had to overcome her lack of self-confidence due to past experiences that had left her doubting her own abilities. She was afraid of not being accepted for who she was.
since joining the programme Josie has begun studies in communication and training. Josie enthuses: “Woman and work has changed my life. I have gained a lot of confidence and experience. The support and assistance I have received helps me remain focused on my goals and I have made some good friends.”
When the programme finishes Josie is looking towards working in training and development, designing and delivering training
and eventually running her own training company delivering
soft skills and training to the corporate world.

Go grab this book buddies !


Aditya said...

Oh great. Thanks for the recommend :)

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Anonymous said...

Dude..are you from nagpur..?..


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