Friday, September 18, 2009

Naughty Google !!!

What do U think Google is ?

Of course, you don't need to think what Google is. It is one of the best boons of the 21st century, a search engine that everyone at least once in his/her life must have tried and will continue to use in the near future.

But today I encountered the flip side i.e. the Naughty side of our very own Google Search Engine. Here's how:

If you wanna know just type in this words, in the Google Search box and U will come to know.

1. Why can't I have

Here's the result:

2.I ate

Here's the result

3. Girls like

Here's the result: -

4. Should I

Here's the result: -

 And the list endless. Here are few for you to try out. Check them while we continue laughing. :)

Type these words in Google and the rest is history.

5. I Need To

 6. I Smell Like 

7. What If He

8. Man, I’m

9. What If Your

This one's interesting,

10. Have My

11. Why Don’t
            This is one of the best. Take a look


and the list is endless. So continue using Google and have fun on the run !!! Enjoy !!! :)


Akansha Agrawal said...

I know... and this is such a pain when you are using it in some public place... ;) Hope Chrome 3.0 lets them be turned off...

Aditya said...

Hehe. Try 'How to' also. You would get , how to kiss option ;)

divsi said...

omg!!!! i agree wid akansha..its such a pain!

Naveen kumar said...

LOLs ... try typing "yahoo is" .. on google search n "google is" on yahoo search :P

subhashree said...

ha ha ha..
every person... am quite sure.. must have been literally.. amused by the mutitude of.. options it provides...
May be it is.. bain to.. use in public places.. but no less boon.. when you are trying to.. think of somethng.. n the first word typed.. completes your thoughts.. :)
Nice way.. of amusing one-self. all d same!

shunmugha said...

Tats funny indeed ..Try "how to get" string..I found your blog from orkut tcser's who blog thread..I am also a fresher waiting for DOJ..Do check my blog @ and share your thoughts ..Hope you become a part of it :)

Chetan... said...

interesting stuff
keep it up


Rinki Singh said...

Interesting analysis :D

Shilpa Garg said...

Interesting observations! :)

Anonymous said...

Try these as well:
How to
How to open


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