Saturday, August 15, 2009

The 7 Stitches !!!

Well U must be wondering where was I after the "Mobile" lecture. In the next lecture, I punished the culprits by calling their Dad's from my mobile. :P

So, Here I am, back again after a minor incident which has left a deep imprint ( read CUT ) on my right hand. As I write this post, there is definite sting in my forehand.

The story goes like this, we had finished up the Independence Day on 15th August and was looking for one of the lecturers since I had to take money from her, which she had kept since ages. The money she was carrying was of the WAD ( Workshop on Aptitude Development), I being the sincere student of Gole Sir was made the WAD Co-ordinator of my college.

They call it the irony of life, few months back I was denied a place in WAD organizing when I was a student, by some shrewd SRKNEC student organizers of WAD .

Moving on, I was moving with only one thing in mind that I had to take the money from her, as she had kept the money till the last date and if I had not taken it from her on that day; 5 students would not have got a place in the WAD. ( of course blame would have been on her ).

So, as I was moving looking at her ( money in the mind :P ) , came the magic moment. I banged on the glass door and the glass broke. Few glass pieces managed to kiss my forehand rather poked it, And hence the stitches.

I wonder how this might have happened,

  • Did somebody ( read the boy whom I punished for giving missed calls ) curse me ?
  • My mom said, " Nazar lagali" ( read Evil Eye) as she opined I was looking good on that day.
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc :P
Whatever the reason might be, one thing is sure I have to live with stitches for 7 more days. I had to shell out 1000 bucks for the treatment ( again a long story regarding 1000 bucks ), few more for the material they used for operating on my hand.

I should stop typing now, as my hand ( read stitches ) are stinging again . Next post will definitely be " After Effects of the Independence Day " or " After Effects of the Broken Glass", be it anything one thing is sure, it would be interesting.


Anonymous said...

after reading yor posts ,,i recollect my college classrooms,,,waiting for the lectures to come an end,,,,,always caught ny how and in revenge he always asked us abt some weired modules ,which ansr perhaps he wudnt ever knw!!
well, pictured nicely by u!

Devashish Rao said...

Thank U yaar !


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