Monday, August 10, 2009

Confessions of a Lecturer !!! Unit III

Chapter 1

As before starting any lecture, you don't know what's going to happen in the lecture ; I don't know what will be the content of this post. Today I took 2 lectures, one on DBMS and another on Visual Basic 6.0.

First one went pretty cool. Here are some excerpts from the first one. Frankly speaking, I didn't prepare for today's lecture as the current chapter is all about SQL ( Structured Query Language) which is in a way my forte. There is one interesting thing that I have encountered while teaching, that you must be careful with your words especially refrain from words which might have a double meaning.

After finishing a topic today, I asked the students "Line maro" ( i.e draw a line) few of them mistook it for something else and started laughing. Before I went into splits, I corrected myself and told them " Line maro NOTEBOOK mein"(i.e draw a line IN THE NOTEBOOK) *** Laughter again***. A lesson for the student who had once asked " Sir where to write"( refer LOLism post).
So nothing more interesting in this lecture.

If you thought first lecture was cool, the second was Cooler. Will cover the second lecture in Chapter 2 of this Unit. Till then Goodbye. It was nice to have U here. Adios !!!

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