Friday, August 28, 2009

Integrated Thoughts !!!

A famous Marathi proverb goes somewhat like this

जैसा बोले तैसा चाले तोची खरा संत " !!!

which means " The one who walks exactly like the ways he talks ( read preaches ) , is the Saint".

All these days I was wondering why all the mishaps and the accidents in the world take place. And after I got the 7 stitches, I have kind of figured out what it can be.

How many times

  • We have had hiccups while drinking water ?
  • Bumped into someone accidently ?
  • Dashed a vehicle by mistake ?
  • etc.
  • etc.
What could be the reason ? What is it ? Let us dig deep in our mind. In this era, everyone is busy doing so many things at a time, that the mind is cluttered all around by thoughts. Multi-Tasking is the word, so while we are doing one thing physically our mind is in some other task. It is like you are giving your autographs to the person in the front of the queue, but looking at someone else in the crowd. :P

The gist of the above lines is that we (read "I" ) must concentrate on only one thing at a time and not have so many things in our mind at the same time.

Happy Blogging !!!

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