Monday, August 24, 2009

England win back the Ashes !!!

Congratulations to the England team for winning the Ashes after 4 long years again ! They say history repeats itself and my word it has done again.

The last time England took on Australia on this ground four years ago, it was a marathon Andrew Flintoff bowling spell either side of lunch on the fourth day which halted the tourists in their tracks after openers Justin Langer and Matthew Hayden struck hundreds.

Today, when Ponting and Hussey were going along nicely on a pitch which was being seen as one of the toughest pitches and an agricultured one, Freddie Flintoff was back in Action. It took a stupendous run out effort from Flintoff to get Ponting out. Had it not been the case, who knows we might have seen again a great Australian chase.

Ponting had been in ominous form, during more than two and a half hours at the crease, and was intent it seemed on driving the series finale into a fifth day.

But his departure opened up an end for England to attack and euphoric celebrations reminiscent of 2005 began at 5.48pm when Hussey was taken at short leg off Graeme Swann.

All is well that ends well, so has it for Andrew Flintoff. A great farewell match to end with and gift from the colleagues as big as the Ashes series is what he would have wanted.Celebrations would have begun and may be up until the next morning. And I guarantee that Freddie will be undoubtedly be the center of those celebrations.

And at last, who say Test Cricket's days are over. Well I have one thing to say, it is far more intriguing and entertaining as we have seen in the last couple of months. Test Cricket is here to stay as it is the real test of a Cricketer.

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charlatan said...

timalpi"Pride hath a fall"...kudos for freddie and english team....


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