Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Confessions of a Lecturer !!! continued...

Well this is the continued episode of the series Confessions of a Lecturer. In my student life, I never gave a thought to what a professor goes through while doing his job. To sum it up, a lecturer's job is not that easy as it seems. The lectures, DMR's (it's Daily Monitoring Reports), juggling with time table to ensure the lectures are taken in proper order (read improper) as per the Time table. There are some lazy bones out there who do not waste an opportunity to take the first lecture, so that they can relax for the rest of the day, and mind you they can go to any extent to pounce on such an opportunity. Well.... it's an opportunistic world anyways.

Well a pretty monotonous day today, nothing much. But yes, a suggestion for people who wish to take up lecturer-ship as a career. Never give your mobile number to your students, as your so called sincere students might take the opportunity to give you that famous MISSED CALL while you are taking a lecture. Thankfully, I had given my number to only one student. The student seemed sincere enough to me so I gave it to him, but one smart student took it from his notebook, and guess what he did today?? The other student started giving missed calls on my mobile.

I called back but there was no answer, I figured out something was wrong and my guess was right, it was a student from the class. I made sure from the boy whether he shared my mobile number with someone else and gave the received number to him. He has told me it's of the student from my class only. Well the day was over by that time. Will look after that boy in the lecture.

Anyways thank you for reading so much. See U later with updated info. Bye . Take care.

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divsi said...

u re a lecturer?omg!!:)


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