Sunday, August 9, 2009

Confessions of a Lecturer !!! Unit II

ism !!!

Hi Guys (and Gals), welcome back. I am sure U must be wondering y this post is called LOLism :D.?

Well the reason is obvious, I will share all the dumbness that I have encountered during my tenure of lecturership in the last month. So here we go,

Chapter 1 :-

One fine lecture, I was dictating some topic, I explained it on the blackboard and asked the students to draw the diagram. After that I said, "Write Down". One smart student asked, "Sir where to write". ( I said to myself ' Write on my head bloody') Then me again, " where else ? in the notebook of course". ** entire class bursts into laughter**

Chapter 2 : -

My college has a OMS ( Outside Maharashtra Seat) quota. So most of the students are from other states and most of them are Bihari. So the other day, I was teaching Creating Table in Oracle to the students. I gave the syntax to the students, and asked them to create a table of their own. Some were able to do it, some couldn't and the latter had their doubts cleared about Creating a Table in Oracle. So after almost all the students had their tables created, one fine student stood up and asked, " Sir mujhe plz batayiye TABLEWAA kaise banate hai", **laughter in the class**.

When I went to his PC to see what he had written, the Create Table statement looked like this, --->
Create Tablewaa Student ( Rollno number(3), Name varchar2(10));

Consequence is left to the readers to guess. ( I couldn't stop smilling, but somehow had enough patience to explain the correct version of Create Tablewaa statement).

Later on came to know that one of his colleagues from Bihar had asked him, "TABLEWAA banana hai". (OMG)

PS: - This post is not intended to offend the sentiments of the Biharis.

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