Saturday, August 1, 2009

Confessions of a Lecturer !!! Unit I

1st of August 2009, Saturday !!! Fondly known as Weekend, and boy what a weekend it was. Simply no work and all play !!!

Well in my college students don't deliberately visit on Saturday, and frankly speaking all the lecturers (including me) are OK ( actually more than OK) with it. So the day was full of fun with no lectures.

Since there were no lectures me and my colleagues had planned a Card game the whole day, but it didn't turn out to be that ways, as one of the colleagues forgot to bring the cards. :( So as any IT guy would do for a pastime, we decided to have an encounter with a PC. First, we thought we could watch a movie on it, but here comes the sad part again, b'coz we didn't have any movie in our USB drives and no other means to get it. So our next venture as it turned out, was walking into the age old lab and find something interesting. :P.

Interestingly, one of my senior lecturers told us to assemble the PC's rightly. So as in any organization, even if you don't like the job you have to do it, although reluctantly. ( Someone rightly said Work is Worship ). So we did our worshipping and got down to our venture again. i.e finding something interesting which would last the whole day as an entertainment.

And guess what we got, a bunch of Flash enabled games which were supposedly saved on one of the PC's by a student. ( I really wish all students should do this, after all lecturers also need some entertainment when they are not busy ).

Now that we had got our share of pastime, we managed to get a PC into Gents Staff room and installed the games. But by then it was 12:20pm, and it was Lunch time so playing games was abandoned. After the lunch, again the same thought of " How to bide time ? " hovered us. So back to PC again, but as after any afternoon meal we started playing.

Here comes the funny part, firstly we decided to put our head down on the benches and sleep, slowly one of us gathered courage to sleep with his back to the wall and then we all thought " What are we doing? " , no we didn't abandon the thought of sleeping, actually we decided to lock the door from inside and had the audacity to sleep with the whole body on the benches.

Finally we woke up after an hour, when the door creaked and all of us were awake. But still some time was left and as usual routine it was spent in the canteen.

So all & all, a Wonderful first part of the weekend. Bye. See U soon. Have a nice time.


charlatan said...

tedious job as a lecturer, i see..

Akansha Agrawal said...

ohh... I didn't know you're back as a lecturer... :-s


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