Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bhuvan !!!

Bhuvan!!! Sounds like the name of the Protagonist ( Aamir Khan) in the Oscar nominated Hindi Film "Lagaan".

Just came across this new invention by Indian scientists. If you are thinking what it is, at the outset I would like you to know that it's an indigenous satellite mapping tool developed by the ISRO ( Indian Space Research Organization). You must wondering what this is doing on my blog, to sum it up it is a matter of pride for all Indians that our very own highly talented and intellectual scientists have developed a tool for India. The entire world knows that most of the scientists in the so called Developed countries are Indians, and when they invent or innovate something, the credit goes to the respective country. But now avoiding the Brain Drain and the so called Intellectual Property Rights, Indian scientists are back with a bang.

It's Jai Ho !!! time once again for Indians as in this era of recession there is a dearth of good news.

The talk of town is " Will Bhuvan replace Google Earth ? " Let's see how Bhuvan lives up to the expectations.

Will keep you updated about Bhuvan in the next post.

For further details you can visit the following link and cherish this Indian achievement : -

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